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Support Santos Laguna!

Be Guerrero is playing to the limit ; defend the colors proudly with intensity, aggressiveness , character and spirit within the field , proving that winning is the only option serving . Following the philosophy of the Club, PUMA plasma colors in the new shirt playing the Club Santos Laguna will wear during the Clausura 2014 and Apertura 2014 tournament .

This year the chosen silhouette is part of the international collection POWERCAT .
The new jersey is part of the international collection POWERCAT has collar type " V " with a double-edged in contrasting color around it; inside, a transfer where the first DNA Sports Club Santos Laguna plasma was placed , showing that their values ​​and strengths are the foundation of success .

In the center of the chest is the coat of Santos in a gloss laminated art 3D embossed textured feel. Around the chest you can see the white sponsors transfer to a single tone, a hallmark of the brand PUMA to make uniform clean and elegant game .
The garment is made of 100 % polyester to degraded stripes coming from less to more, alluding to upgrade the Club has had to position itself as one of the biggest in Mexican soccer , keeping the traditional colors of the institution: green and white for the local jersey wearing # HONOR name .

The composition of the back and side insert is entirely of mesh, fabric mesh type with free openings in the fabric so as to allow better ventilation and temperature control , managing to make the garment in one piece and ensure better mobility at all times.
It has a fine and elegant side trim in black color to give support to the union under his belt ; also adding a touch of class to the garment and perfect fit.

Sleeves is an insert of material, where the phrase appears finely embroidered "Winning Serving " recalling the social work exerts on Club day helping the underprivileged.
It also has 3 " Big Cats" chest and both sleeves , a technique of silicone soft touch and highlight outline color contrast that gives a 3D effect .

Finally PUMA continues to develop this piece with " drycell " technology, characterized by providing superior humidity control , release perspiration to keep the player cool and dry during exercise.

Style: 746960 01

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